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Leather Wallet Stocklot

Leather wallet stock lots are available. Minimum order 1000 pieces. Various colours and designs are available. Any trader or retailer  from any country can contact us to get the stock lot for leather wallets.  This offer is valid until the stock is available. FOB Price ...Read More

Leather Backpack

Leather backpack is very popular item to all level people. It is healthy baggage item. Simple hand bag may have effect on your arm, left or right side of your body. But using backpac keep you fit without any side effect of your body. ...Read More

Ladies leather Bag

We supply and export 100% genuine Ladies Leather Bag from Bangladesh. Our products are very high quality. We care about quality during production. So, there is scope to move from the exact design and measurement of the product. We care about our custmer’s specification. ...Read More

Leather Belt

We export 100% genuine Leather Belt from Bangladesh to the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.  Our product is very high quality. We supply leather belt according to the customer requirements. We work with top level leather products manufacturers in Bangladesh. So, you can ...Read More

Leather Wallet

  Leather wallet post will help you to buy leather wallet at the lowest cost and 100% genuine leather items. Bangladesh is the Muslim majority country in the world. People like to eat beef the most. So, everyday hundreds of thousands of cow hide ...Read More