Jute Garbage Bag

jute garbage bag

Jute Garbage bag from 3HM.

Jute garbage bag is echo-friendly bag. Gradually uses of jute garbage bag is increasing. This is very environment friendly item. It usually mixes with soil. Jute garbage bags are made from 100% natural fiber. No other fiber are mixed with jute fiber. That’s why it is 100% natural and environment friendly.

Now using plastic bag for  throwing garbage is a great  threat for soil, rivers and sea. The big disadvantage of plastic bag is; it does not mix with water or soil. So, using plastic bag is very harmful for your environment. To escape from this threat there is no alternative of using jute garbage bag.

Bangladesh is the number one jute producing country in the world. Jute is the main agricultural item. Jute grows well here in Bangladesh. Because of its geographical location. Most of the areas of Bangladesh are covered by hudreds of rivers. Most of these rivers brings poly(soil fertile molecule) from Himalaya(located in Nepal) the norther part of the country. So, jute grows well here in Bangladesh.

Due to low labor cost and production cost jute is cheaper than any other parts of the world. So, jute products from Bangladesh means it is low price and high quality.

There are many jute mills  in Bangladesh who produce jut products including shopping jute bag, Hessian jute bag, burlap jute bag, sacking jute bag, Jute rope, jute fabric and jute yarn. Recently jute garbage bag are also produced here in few jute mills in Bangladesh.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified 3HM Trading has direct connection with those jute bag manufacturers in Bangladesh. So, if you are looking for jute products including jute garbage bags from Bangladesh then 3HM can be your best trusted partner.


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