Jute Sack from Bangladesh

Jute sack

jute sack from Bangladesh

Jute sack is a natural packaging item what are used for various purposes including Cocoa, Coffee beans, potatoes packaging etc. It is green product. It mixes with soil easily. So, using jute sack is a wise decision for any individual or companies. It is environment friendly product.

Bangladesh is one of the largest jute producers in the world. Because its land is very much congenial to grow jute. Bangladeshi land is very fertile. During the rainy season a huge fertile ingredients come from Himalya. It spreads over the Bangladesh before going to fall in the bay of Bengal. That’s why land is very fertile and a top quality jute are produced here in Bangladesh.

No artificial fertilizer is necessary  to grow jute. Because of geographical location a huge poly comes from North side of the country from Nepal. So, farmers can grow jute without using fertilizer. So, jute from Bangladesh is the best quality in the world.

Because of easy production jute is very cheap in Bangladesh. There are many jute mills all over the Bangladesh. 3HM has connection with all of those jute mills. So, you can buy jute sacks from those mills through 3HM trading.

Price Idea: The price is variable. However to get a rough idea about price you can see the following specification and price per 100 bags:

  • Specifications :
    Capacity : Up to 65KG
  • Size : 66cm x 110cm
  • Price: 84 USD/100 bags
  • Shipment Terms: FOB

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