jute yarnJute yarn is a natural product. Jute is the major agricultural product in Bangladesh. Best quality jute is produced here because of it’s geographical position. Each year very clean and snow melted water comes from the highest mountain in the world Everest located in Nepal. During the monsoon period a huge quantity fertile particle called poly are brought from Nepal and India throughout the Bangladesh. That’s why the agricultural lands are so fertile and very congenial to produce jute.

So, if you are looking for buying jute yarn or jute products  then there is no alternative source except Bangladesh. It is God gifted and 100% naturally produced plants without using any artificial fertilizer.

Each year jute yarns are exported around the world. Billions of dollars are earned from this natural and agricultural product. It is green and 100% soluble with soil. No negative effect to the nature.

Bangladeshi jute yarns are most popular because of its quality and low price. No pesticides and fertilizers are required to produce this natural fiber based plant. So, jute and jute products price is the lowest comparing with other parts of the world.

Jute yarn is used for various purposes. For carpet making, sack making,  rope making jute yarns are  used. Now it is also used in textile industry.

If you are looking for buy jute yarn then Bangladesh can be your first choice. There are many jute and jute products exporters in Bangladesh. But there are few who follow the international management system guideline in his organization.

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