Leather Backpack

Leather backpack

Leather backpack from 3HM

Leather backpack is very popular item to all level people. It is healthy baggage item. Simple hand bag may have effect on your arm, left or right side of your body. But using backpac keep you fit without any side effect of your body. That’s why it is so popular leather products to the users.

Leather backpack is more long lasting than any other backpack. Specially cowhide back pack is very comfortable to use. You can carry as much as weighted items in your backpack.

Leather back packs are available in any size, any color and any designs from 3HM. 3HM supplies backpack  direct from Bangladeshi backpack manufacturers.

Bangladesh is the number one cowhide producer. The leather quality is very high. Due to availability of materials i.e cowhide the price is low. Labor cost is also very cheap so the price of leather back pack is much more cheaper than any other countries in the world.

Different pars can be included in the mens leather backpack like Three or four external pockets (front and side pockets),Interior walled zippered pocket, two leather adjustable shoulder straps, external topside leather handbag handle, easy glide & easy access metal zippers, stainless steel/brass toned hardware, various quality and durable polyester fabric interior liners, heavy industrial thread can also be used for good fashionable backpack.

3HM provides customized lether backpack bot for men and women. Based on adding extra options the price will be different.

Leather hiking backpack can be hand sewing and machine sewing. Baucle can be used in outer packets. It depends on your customer’s demand.

You can carry anything like files, books and laptop inside the leather hiking backpack.  the main compartment of which is lined with a durable thick fabric lining. In the  pocket zipper or button can be used.

The biggest advantage of leather backpack is; it is washable. You can wash it in your house by yourself or from laundry services.

We do not sell retail. So, to purchase whole sale leather back pack you can contact this page.

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