Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet from 3HM


Leather wallet post will help you to buy leather wallet at the lowest cost and 100% genuine leather items. Bangladesh is the Muslim majority country in the world. People like to eat beef the most. So, everyday hundreds of thousands of cow hide and skin come to the tanneries.  Bangladesh consumes most beefs comparing with any other countries in the world.

Though India is a big country but they do not produce cow leather as Bangladesh. A huge quantity wet leathers go to India from Bangladesh. Specially during the Idul Adha(Biggest Religious Festival) season millions of cows are slaughtered in Bangladesh. At that time China and India buy wet leather from Bangladesh at the lowest cost.

Bangladesh is famous for production cow leather as well as goat leather. You can say Bangladesh is the  hub point for leather for rest of the world. So, you can expect lowest price for leather items like leather wallet, leather bags and leather belt etc from Bangladesh at the lowest cost.

Previously Bangladeshi tanneries owners exported wet leathers or half finished leather to abroad. But now many factory owners have established leather products based manufacturing plants. A lot of leather technologists and engineers are found in Bangladesh who are capable to produce world class leather products in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi leather products are cheaper than India and China. Because labor cost is low and raw materials also available here.

Most of the manufacturers are busy to produce their products they are not well organized to marketing their products. To get a good price and on-time delivery you should consider a trading partner rather a manufacturer for leather belt and leather wallet as well as other leather accessories. In this regard 3HM may be your right choice.

3HM has connection with all quality leather products manufacturers in Bangladesh. 3HM is an ISO 901:2015 Certified trading company in Bangladesh. It cares customer’s requirements and ontime delivery issue. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of 3HM Trading.

You need a trading company who has good links with leather wallets and other leather products manufacturers and who practices quality in the processes. There is no much ISO Certified trading companies in Bangladesh.

There is a risk for selecting any trading partner for your business. So, you need a quality certified trading partner i.e ISO 9001 Certified trading partner. In this regard 3HM Trading may be your trusted and best partner for buying leather wallets i.e leather products from Bangladesh.


Retailer or whole seller from any country around the world can buy leather wallet from us at wholesale price.


Minimum quantity: 100 pieces.

Maximum Quantity: Any

Payment Option: T T or L/C

Size: Any

Color: Any

Kinds of leather: Cow/Goat

Specification: Any

Shipment: By air/ship

Sample: Available (by payment)

Origin: Bangladesh



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