Why Choosing Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is one of the largest bag manufacturers in the world. All kinds of raw materials for making bags are available here. Specially jute grows very well in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi land is very fertile to grow jute. Without artificial fertilizer jute grows very well here in Bangladesh.

Another precious item is leather. Bangladeshi people like to eat beef and mutton. So, everyday hundreds of thousands of cow and ram are slaughtered to meet protein’s demand of people. So, raw materials for making leather bags, leather belt, leather wallet etc are very cheap in Bangladesh.

Though India is a bigger nation in south Asia but due to Hindu religious majority cow or beef are not eaten by Hindu religious people. On the other-hand Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country in south Asia and in the world too. The Muslim like beef. So, leather production is in top position in the the South Asia and in the world too. So, Bangladesh is a famous for leather.

To meet Bangladeshi people’s beef demand a lot of cows are also coming from India by land boarder. So,  Bangladesh is the largest market for Indian cow and buffalo. So, production of hide and skins is very strong here in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is the second largest garments manufacturer in the world after China. So, huge quantity and various kinds of fabrics are found here. Millions of skilled workers specially sewing machine operators are here in Bangladesh. Those skilled workers are also working in bag manufacturing industry.

So, you can purchase the best quality and any kind of bag like jute bag, textile bag, leather bag, PP bag, PP Oven bag, ladies bag, beach bag, evening bag, cloth bag, canvas bag, textile bag etc.

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